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(Note, this page is not affiliated with Jazzland, Ogden Marketing, or any other entities--it's simply here to inform you of things that I've seen, read, and heard.  None of the information here should be considered official.)



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These pictures were taken on 5 December 1999
(Click on any image to view the full size picture)

A Panoramic View of the Megazeph
panorama.jpg (19583 bytes)

(This is two pictures glued together--it doesn't expand)

The Lift Hill of the MegaZeph
lifthill-thumb2.jpg (11847 bytes)

The Bayou Blast/Sonic Slam Towers
bayoublast-thumb.jpg (8328 bytes)

The Big Wheel
bigwheel-thumb.jpg (11513 bytes)           
bigwheel1-thumb.jpg (11229 bytes)
(Note:  When they said "BIG" wheel, I imagined it would be bigger than this)

The SkyCoaster
skycoaster-thumb.jpg (8417 bytes)

Shoot the Chutes
chutes-thumb.jpg (10876 bytes)


inverter-thumb.jpg (13589 bytes)
(It's the red and purple ride behind the MegaZeph)

The Chance Aviator
swingride-thumb.jpg (11026 bytes)