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(Note, this page is not affiliated with Jazzland, Ogden Marketing, or any other entities--it's simply here to inform you of things that I've seen, read, and heard.  None of the information here should be considered official.)



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These pictures were taken on 29 August 1999
(Click on any image to view the full-size picture)


CCI Woodie continues it's climb into the New Orleans East skyline

megazeph-thumb.jpg (10563 bytes)


The Space Shot/Turbo Drop Towers Begin Their Ascent

spaceshot-thumb.jpg (7766 bytes)


A sign which should excite any coaster fan.

ccisign-thumb.jpg (15315 bytes)


The park's main entrance sign, announcing the project.

parksign-thumb.jpg (17504 bytes)


Some of the buildings under construction.

buildings-thumb.jpg (10406 bytes)


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