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(Note, this page is not affiliated with Jazzland, Ogden Marketing, or any other entities--it's simply here to inform you of things that I've seen, read, and heard.  None of the information here should be considered official.)



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Well, I finally had some good weather.  So, here come the pictures...

These were taken on 29 July 1999

c-172.jpg (19705 bytes)

My Chariot.  Special thanks to Malcolm for the flight.  It was my second flight with him, and he still amazes me with his smooooth landings.  Thanks again, Malcolm


C.C.I. Wooden Coaster
(Actually, it will be a steel construction, with wooden rails)

woodie1-thumb.jpg (15000 bytes)       woodie2-thumb.jpg (15067 bytes)      woodie3-thumb.jpg (14803 bytes)
Click on any of the above for the full size image


Vekoma Designed Boomerang
(The Standard Model, not the Invertigo Model)

boomerang1-thumb.jpg (19113 bytes)         boomerang2-thumb.jpg (13958 bytes) 
Click on either of the above for the full size image