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(Note, this page is not affiliated with Jazzland, Ogden Marketing, or any other entities--it's simply here to inform you of things that I've seen, read, and heard.  None of the information here should be considered official.)



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Where is Jazzland going to be located?

The park is located at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Interstate 510 (More commonly called Paris Road), in New Orleans East.   It's located on a plot of land that encompasses approximately 150 acres, but the park is only slated to use about 80 or so of them.  The rest of the land will be used for future developments.


Who owns/runs the park?

The land is owned by Tom and Dian Winingder, and they have signed an agreement with Ogden Entertainment.  Ogden will be in charge of running the park.  They have already taken the step of hiring a general manager.  He was previously the general manager of Houston's Six Flags 'Astroworld' theme park.


What will the ticket prices be?

There hasn't been any official announcement as to pricing yet, but I'd suspect it will be in the same price range as comparable theme parks (so, they will most likely be charging $30-$40 per day). 
NOTE:  None of this information is official, and should be treated as RUMOR.  If the prices are different, don't be suprised, I'm simply basing them on what *I* expect.


Will Season Passes Be Available?
Yes, season passes are currently available at all local Winn-Dixie Marketplace stores.  They are selling for $59.99 each, or you can purchase a 'family pack' of 4 for $49.99 each ($199.96 total).  This price is good thru 12/31/99.   As of 1/1/00, the prices will go up to $75.00 each, and $62.50 each for the 'family pack' ($249.99 total).  When you purchase one, you get a voucher (seen below).   You fill out the information on the back, and present it on your first visit.   There, I expect you'll be photographed, and have your pass created.  Also, according to the folder that the voucher comes in, there will be several special offers; among them:
--Bring a friend for free (Jun 5-9; Aug 14-18, Sundays in Sept)
--Bring a friend for $5.00 (Father's Day; July 4)
--Two $10 off coupons for June 5-27
--Two $10 off coupons for weekends in Oct.
--$3.00 off coupon on the purchase of a single-use camera.
--$5.00 coupon off the purchase of any JazzLand logo tee shirt

pass1.jpg (28121 bytes)

Also, the pass is good for admission to:
--Silver Springs (Ocala, FL)
--Wild Waters (Ocala, FL)
--Emerald Pointe Water Park (Greensboro, NC)
--Raging Waters (San Dimas, CA)
--Raging Waters (San Jose, CA)
--Wet N' Wild (Las Vegas, NV)
NOTE: These parks are all run by Ogden Corp.  I have no idea if these admissions will still be valid if Ogden is successful in selling off their Entertainment division.


How will the park be laid out?

This map should give you the basic idea of the layout.  However, it's a bit dated, as it's almost a year old.  So, some of the rides that were added by Odgen are not listed here, and the wooden coaster on this map is still called the "Zephyr."  Also, the original map I got this from was simply a hand drawing, and in order to get the information all on the map, my parking lot ran a bit over the subdivision in the NE corner.  The actual parking lot will simply run along the back side of the subdivision.


jazzlandmap.jpg (163009 bytes)