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(Note, this page is not affiliated with Jazzland, Ogden Marketing, or any other entities--it's simply here to inform you of things that I've seen, read, and heard.  None of the information here should be considered official.)



News and Rumors

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News and Rumors

Here I'll be posting any newspaper stories or information that I get from the local television news.  Also, if I hear any rumors that at least *sound* credible, I'll post them as well.  Rumors will be noted as such, and any other reports will be noted as to their source. (any and all typos or misspellings contained in these articles is mine, and mine alone)


Reaching the top
(Times-Picayune, 11 September 1999)

Jazzland Trumpets Milestone
(Times-Picayune, 10 September 1999)

Developer Announces New Plan For Cinema
(Times-Picayune, 25 August 1999)

Jazzland on Track for 2000
(Times-Picayune, 20 December 1998)

'From Wasteland to Jazzland'
(Times-Picayune, 12 July 1998)