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NOTE:  THE "POST" button has been temporarily disabled.  The reason is that I am in the process of moving my page to, and I'm having some trouble moving the messages.  So, check out the new URL, and pass it on to everyone. :)   The message board there is up and running fine.



Welcome to my discussion board.

This is an on-line discussion forum called Jazzland Talk.
The only rule I have is that you please keep the messages clean and spam free.  I don't see any reason to make this site password restricted.  Any messages that contain profanity are subject to editing or removal. Any spam messages are subject to removal.  The decision of the judges is final.  Your milage may vary.   Actual product may not look like picture on box.  Serving suggestion, keep frozen.  Do not use while sleeping.

The frame on the left lists all of the current messages, to view a message, simply click on the message title you wish to view.

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In addition, each article has links to let you reply to it (continue the thread) and navigate the article list.

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